Staff Knott



Albion first wore the Knot in 1891. at that time there were no leagues, each area governed by a county i.e. the Staffordshire FA as it is still known today. Part of being governed by the county each team from that area must wear the Knot to show which county they were affiliated to.

Albion grew from a works team in 1878 to a more recognised team in 1881 they wanted to compete against bigger teams from the surrounding areas such as Bloxwich, St Georges from Stafford and Stoke. Also they wanted to enter the Staffordshire cup which at the time was the Midlands equivalent to the FA Cup and a big prize to win in order for them to enter they must become members of the Staffordshire FA.

Albion won the Staffordshire cup at the first attempt 

In 1883 Albion joined the Football Association which meant they could now enter the Football Association Cup and play teams from around the country. The Stafford knot was taken off the shirt as no requirement to wear a badge was made by the football association.