If you have any photos of memorabilia or memories of the Albion you would like to share with other Albion fans please forward them and I will add them to this page.


The following images  of players shirts are from Roy Morley private collection  all images are copyright of Roy Morley and reproduced with kind permission from Roy Morley

 Tony Godden

Shirt worn in Sporting Braga Match

Tony Godden swapped with the Braga keeper at the end of the match. Ken managed to retrive the shirt a few years later.














 Number 15 Shirt worn by Waybne Hughes in Valencia and Sporting Braga Matches

Cyrille Regis also wore this shirt







Number 5 Shirt worn by Paul Dyson







Garth Crooks Number 11 Shirt







 Fabian Defreitis Number 12 Shirt










more to follow




Graham Banks as asked if anyone can throw some light on to the next photo. It is a photo of his Graandfathers team from 1911. Graham as asked what the C or the G stands for on the Match Ball 


  copyright remains the property of Graham Banks and any other reproductions should have permission from Graham Banks