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QUESTION 1: I wonder if you could kindly answer the following question for me. "Theoretically this West Bromwich Albion footballer of the 1930's could have been called Art, Griff, Red, Sack, Stan, or Trev. What actually did his team mates call him?" Many thanks in advance for your help. Best wishes, Moira Burden



ANSWER 1: The player you are looking for is Boss Trevis, Boss holds the record for the longest name in the history of professional football, He was christened Arthur Stanley Sackville Redvers Trevor Boscawen Griffith Trevis, Boss played just 1 league game for the Albion a 2-2 draw at home against Liverpool April 7th 1934



QUESTION 2: I wonder if you could help I am looking for information on LOU TWIGG who was a guest goalkeeper around 1947 after the war. He was my father?s best friend although he died a long time ago it would be nice to find some photographs for my father. Looking forward to your reply. Helen Dakin.



ANSWER 2: Lew Twigg was born in Buxton Derbyshire 5th August 1921. He gusted for the Albion in 3 games between 1945 -46 in the FA Cup the first in a 4-0 victory over Cardiff City a 2-0 defeat at Highbury against Arsenal in the War Time League and a 5-1 victory over Fola Jennesse XIW in a 1946 tour to Belgum and Luxembourg. He retired from footbal in 1947.



QUESTION 3: when did William Williams(born 1845/1875 play for WBA? How long for and what position. Are there any phots of team with him on?



ANSWER 3: Thanks for getting in touch about your Great great Uncle i have put together some facts it seems your Great great Uncle was the main penalty tacker for the Albion although he did score 55 yard thunder bolt against Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup. He played in a team which contained Albion Legends J Reader, W Bassett, R McLeod, also appearing in the 1894 FA Cup Final i have also managed to find a photo of him which will place on the Stoney Lane part of my site. William Williams (Billy) born 20th January 1876 West Smethwick played as a Full Back (defender) joined Albion in 1894 from Old Hill Wanderers retired in 1901. Played in 180 league games scoring eight goals 23 games in the FA Cup scoring two goals, five friendly games scoring two goals. Made his debut against Sheffield United in a 2-1 defeat at Sheffield in front of a crowd of 12,000 September 1st 1894 as a right back but ended the season as left back. His home debut came against the Wolves in a 5-1 victory. In his third game of that season 15th September 1894 scored in a 5-0 victory over Liverpool. In the 1896 - 97 season he scored a further three goals a penalty against Aston Villa in a 3-1 win, the against Nottingham Forest 4-0 the third against Burnley in a 3-0 victory.1897 scored again against Liverpool in a 2-1 win, another penalty against Blackburn in a 1-1 draw , 1898 a penalty against Burnley 1-1 His last league goal came against Glossop in a division one game in a 3-3 draw, His final game was 3rd November 1900 against Stoke City at The Hawthorns in a 2-2 draw. He retired due to injury but was appointed trainer, later coach then became a licensee. His biggest games however came in the FA Cup of 1894 helping the Albion to reach the Final scoring the winning goal in the semi final again from a penalty against Sheffield Wednesday at Derby and then appearing in the FA Cup Final at The Crystal Palace against Aston Villa, The Villa winning 1-0 (but later they had the cup stole from them while having it on display so justice was done.) William died 11th January 1929.



Question 4: Can you tell me what connection Joseph Law had with the Albion back in the 1800's



ANSWER 4: Joseph "Joey" Law was the first team trainer who joined the club in 1883 from Birchfield Harriers. Joseph became the first permanent trainer following Dick Oxenbould who was first team trainer on a part time basis. Joseph was an old employee from George Salters. He was paid 2s 6d (12p) per week which was later increased to five shillings (25p) and again to 7s 6d (37p). Joseph remained at the Albion until 1888 when he left to join Burnley.



Question 5: Have the baggies ever lost to chesterfield in the cup if so when and what score Thanks Harry



Answer 5: Hello Harry West Brom have never played Chesterfield in any cup competition . There have been 20 league games since 1901 all in the old Division 2 with Albion winning 10, drawing 6, and losing 4 The last meeting took place 01/09/1948 ending 0-0



Question 6 From Dot Why are the Albion called the Baggies



Answer 6 There are few debates about the Albion being called the Baggies no on really knows for certain but 1. Because of the Baggie shorts they wore in the late 30s as they were one of the last teams to change to the more modern shorts. 2. In the late 1890s the team used to collect money around the local pubs carrying large bags to collect coins in hence in the local pubs people would yell out the Baggies are coming. 3. Probably the most likely is that in the local foundries the workers used to tie string around the bottom of their trousers this made their trousers look baggy and it is thought that one game against the Villa the workers had made their way to the match straight from work they were seen walking down the road by Villa fans who started calling them the Baggie boys. 4. It is also thought to derive from someone shouting "cum on me babies" which over time changed to "cum on me baggies"